This page puts together the names of those who have collaborated
in one way or another in the creation of this website.
The purpose of mentioning the names of these individuals
is mainly to glorify the Holy Spirit working through them

A great number of people have collaborated on this project putting forth their own individual skills, creativity, time and effort.

Many of these people have walked together with 3P for a number of years. Others instead, who never got a chance to meet him, have responded to this call with generosity and enthusiasm…

Everybody who gave me a hand on the website have done so free of charge

For the Italian version: Agostina, Lia, Rosaria, Maria, Francesco, Carlo, Giovanni, Pino, Angelo, Umberto.

For the English version: Elizabeth Lev, Giulia Giangravè, Lynne Bassett, Kjell Norlin, Jacqueline Alio.

For the German version: Irmhild Pühringer, Esther May, Giansalvo Pizzo, Salvo Troia, Fleur Annette Grotjahn.

For the French version: Corinne Brandizi, Amalia Poma, Flavia Brancato, Maria Antonietta La Barbera, Ornella Bonomo

For the Spanish version: Maria Ruiz Olmedo, Carmela Gelsomino, Livia Trainito.